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Driscoll, McIlree & Dickinson Finance Company Ltd – Interest Bearing Deposit Rates (As At 1/6/2012)

24 Hours At Call      –    5.00%

3 Months                    –    6.00%

6 Months                    –    6.50%

12 Months                 –    7.00%

2 Years                       –    7.50%

3 Years                       –    8.00%

The offer of unsecured deposit notes by Driscoll, McIllree & Dickinson Finance Company Ltd is made in a prospectus No. 8 dated 9/5/12.

To apply for the unsecured deposit notes, applicants must complete the application form that accompanies the prospectus.  Unsecured deposit notes are not a bank term deposits, as such there is a risk of losing some or all of the principal investment.  A credit rating has not been obtained from a recognised credit rating agency, accordingly no independent assessment  has been made about the risk to investors losing all or part of the principal investment.  A copy of the prospectus can be obtained from any office of the company or by calling us on 0353812828 Horsham 0353912106 Nhill and 0353584333 at Stawell.


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